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Oh! Edo Rocket

Genres: comedy, drama, romance, science fiction
Themes: alien, dog girls, dreams, historical, ninjas, superpowers
Age rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Size: -/+ 83Mb
Extension: Mkv
Episode: 26
Status: Completed
Language: English Dubbed
Uploaded by: Rossai
Original Run: 2007-04-03


In Edo during the mid-1800′s, fireworks maker Seikichi Tamaya and his friends struggle to live under the harsh frugality laws imposed by the strict city magistrate, which ban all luxuries, including fireworks. One day, a strange girl stops by Seikichi’s shop with an equally strange request: she wants Seikichi to build a firework that can reach the moon.

Download Link:…B%2BEp.25.mkv/…B%2BEp.24.mkv/…B%2BEp.22.mkv/…B%2BEp.26.mkv/…B%2BEp.23.mkv/…B%2BEp.21.mkv/…B%2BEp.16.mkv/…B%2BEp.17.mkv/…B%2BEp.12.mkv/…B%2BEp.19.mkv/…B%2BEp.20.mkv/…B%2BEp.14.mkv/…B%2BEp.13.mkv/…B%2BEp.11.mkv/…B%2BEp.10.mkv/…B%2BEp.15.mkv/…B%2BEp.18.mkv/…B%2BEp.07.mkv/…B%2BEp.03.mkv/…B%2BEp.02.mkv/…B%2BEp.05.mkv/…B%2BEp.06.mkv/…B%2BEp.01.mkv/…B%2BEp.08.mkv/…B%2BEp.04.mkv/…B%2BEp.09.mkv/

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