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Genres: Adventure, Drama, Action
Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language)
Size: -/+ 60 Mb
Extension: Rmvb
Status: Done 
Language: English Dubbed
Host: Or
Uploaded by: Rossai


The story revolves around Claus Valca and Lavie Head, a young courier pilot and his navigator, and their adventures in the floating world of Prester. In this romantic sky world based on stylized Victorian fashion and society, two countries, Anatoray and Disith are engaged in a long and bloody war under the supervision of the mysterious Guild. Claus and Lavie, piloting their vanship (a small, stub-winged aircraft) find themselves involved in a plot surrounding a mysterious little girl named Alvis Hamilton, whom they must deliver as "cargo" to the much-feared neutral battleship "Silverna".

Links: Exile 01.mkv.html Exile 02.mkv.html Exile 03.mkv.html Exile 04.mkv.html Exile 05.mkv.html Exile 06.mkv.html Exile 07.mkv.html Exile 08.mkv.html Exile 09.mkv.html Exile 10.mkv.html Exile - 11.mkv.html Exile - 12.mkv.html Exile - 13.mkv.html Exile - 14.mkv.html Exile - 15.mkv.html Exile - 16.mkv.html Exile - 17.mkv.html Exile - 18.mkv.html Exile - 19.mkv.html Exile - 20.mkv.html Exile - 21.mkv.html Exile - 22.mkv.html Exile - 23.mkv.html Exile - 24.mkv.html Exile - 25.mkv.html Exile - 26.mkv.html

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